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Best Free Online Lottery Sites In 2022

free online lottery

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Our team of experts combed the internet for the best free online lottery sites. These platforms allow users to take part in lotto drawings with enticing prizes without having to pay a cent.

Check out our in-depth guide below if you want to learn more. We’ll show you how to play free lottery games and which websites to avoid in order to stay safe and win guaranteed.

  1. EuroMillions Free Lottery

EuroMillions is one of the world’s largest lotteries in terms of prize money. A portion of those funds is used to run daily free online draws. Every daily draw has a £500 jackpot, and the special weekly session has a grand prize of £10,000. Every Monday at 2 p.m. GMT, the weekly draw is held. The daily draws take place every day at 7:30 p.m. (GMT).

To play, you must first create an account on the lottery website. The 6/75 concept is used in the free lottery, which uses a single-drum formula. You can either choose six numbers yourself or use the Quick Pick option to have the computer choose them for you.

You can only buy one ticket per draw, according to the terms. Only those who have the winning combination on their ticket are eligible for the jackpot.

  1. PickMyPostcode

PickMyPostcode is a free postcode lottery with multiple draws every day. If your postcode is the winning one, you qualify for the main draw, which offers a £200-£500 prize. You can also enter additional contests, such as:

Stackpot – be the first to claim a £10 prize by being the fastest.

To reveal the winning postcode, you must either watch a short video or complete a survey, depending on the session.

Smaller prizes are offered in flash and mini draws, but they provide an additional chance to win.

The odds are determined by the number of people who have registered to play on that particular day. That means you should visit PickMyPostcode on a regular basis, or your code will be removed from the pool. The website has a simple and unique concept while also providing numerous opportunities to win prizes.

  1. Rewardit

Another free sweepstakes website based in the United States is Rewardit. To begin the registration process, all you need is an e-mail address, and the fun can begin right away.

You automatically qualify for an instant win game with a chance to win $50,000 the moment you enter. The daily draw’s top prize is $10 million, but it is not guaranteed. If no one wins on a given day, there is no rollover. The good news is that a daily draw has a set amount of money that is guaranteed, which is less than the promised jackpot.

Rewardit has 20 different ways to win, and the prizes can be quite different, with the lowest being $5. These sweepstakes are open to players from South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, in addition to the United States.

  1. Free Lottery

Another website where you can purchase tickets for the same draw as the EuroMillions free lottery is freelottery.net.

That means you can buy tickets for daily and weekly draws on this website, with the latter taking place on Monday. The site provides statistics on how many times each number has been drawn in the history of the game, which you can use to create a lottery strategy.

Compliance with the legal age requirement and registration for an account are the only requirements for playing. Please note that in order to begin the prize claim process, you must contact the administrators.

  1. Freemoji Lottery

The Freemoji Lottery employs a one-of-a-kind system. When creating a winning combination, you use emoticons instead of numbers. A daily draw is held in the game, with a prize pool starting at $20. Every day, the fund grows by $20 thanks to the rollover feature. As a result, the top prize could be worth $1,000 or more.

There are also fivers draws where you can win $5 in addition to the main draw. All winnings from the Freemoji Lottery are paid out via PayPal. The unique concept makes this lotto interesting, even if the prizes aren’t particularly generous.

  1. Raffall’s Free Lottery

Raffall is a website that organizes raffles, and you can even host a raffle through the site. You can enter both premium and free raffles, depending on the details.

Apart from that, there is Raffall’s free lottery guarantee. You must watch a 30-second video in order to receive a free ticket. When you see an advertisement, you will be given a free ticket to a draw that is held every couple of months. The top prize is £1,000, but there are also smaller prizes.

Raffall has its own app for Android and iOS. It’s much easier to watch ads and get tickets this way, especially if you’re on the go.