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An Overview Of The Biggest Slot Machine Wins Ever

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Many people have a huge interest in gambling and slot machines. Slot machines are easy to play, and for playing them, you need no prior experience. All you need is luck and blessings to win. Simple machines have begun providing prize money at an exponential price. It is merely through progressive jackpot slots that you can see the major wins heading your direction. Also, in history there are some biggest slot machine wins also.

Every occurrence that happens in Vegas becomes the talk of the town. Huge jackpots have taken the main point of such topics and it has become unfeasible to avoid the conversation about the biggest slot machine wins at any event. Hence, in this post, we are giving you an overview of the biggest slot win ever.

The Double Win: $4.6 million and $21 million

There are many casinos all around the world where winning once is a big deal. But in Vegas, an old man won twice while playing a slot game. Elmer Sherwin at the age of 76, a vet at World War II won a jackpot of $4.6 million at the Megabucks machine. So, during his future trips to casinos, he would keep on betting twice in a well for experimenting with his luck. After the 16 years of the first victory, he played a similar jackpot to win $21 million. So, it is one of the biggest casino win ever and preferred as a double win.

  • An anonymous woman in Las Vegas: $12,769,933

In Aria Resort, located in the Mecca of casinos- Las Vegas a woman visited to celebrate the birthday of her niece. This visit turned out to be very lucky for her who went there just to celebrate the birthday of her niece. After the party, she just dropped $6 on a random slot machine. On the screen, she saw random numbers flash. Then she knows that she had hit the $12.8 million jackpot prize as a big win slot machine. Moreover, the Megabucks series machine by IGT cash out this jackpot prize.

  • British soldier on Mega Moolah: £13.2 million

This is counted amongst the most money won on slot machine. It is won by playing the Mega Moolah progressive slot by Microgaming. A 26-year-old, Jon Heywood, won it by placing only 25 pence. With the 25 pence small stake, he took home £13.2 million. He was very lucky and spent a good portion of the money on the medical treatment of his father. Hence, this goes opposite to the popular belief that only big bets can have the possibility of most money won at a casino.

  • Mega Fortune, Finnish punter: $24 Million

On the Mega Fortune slot machine, a Finnish poker player decided to try his hand. This 40-year-old man was playing at an online casino in Scandinavia. With a mere 25 cents, he let the reels spin on the Mega Fortune machine. The poker aficionado got fortunate to land the right icons to trigger the bonus round. In a very little time, his winnings started to increase. With just 25 cents bet, he ended up winning $24 million which become a big jackpot wins on slot machines.

  • Las Vegas casino: $39 million

This is one of the most money ever won at a casino in Las Vegas. The young software engineer tries his hand in gambling at Megabucks jackpot at Excalibur Casino. In the year 2003, he played with only a $100 stake. Luck was in his favor and he spun his way to a huge $39 million jackpot.  Furthermore, he receives the money in 25 yearly installments of $1.5 million.

  • Vacation Jackpot: $8.9 million

Another big wins at casino are of $8.9 million. Amy Nishimura was an old lady of 71 years from Hawaii who won $8.9 million while she was on a vacation in Vegas. At the Freemont Hotel, she plays at one fixed machine which she called her own. After listening to many people, she believed that the specific machine would bring her good luck. After spending a maximum of $100, approximately in 3 hours she won around $9 million. Hence, this was considered as the biggest vegas wins of old women and also become a perfect example of continual determination for other gamblers.

# Final Words:

By reading about the biggest casino winner you may have understood that jackpots are only based on luck and not on any other factor as the trendy belief goes. Sometimes, misfortunes also happen like in the case of Katrina Bookman from New York. While playing slots at the casino, she sees a winning ticket of $42.9 million machines and was happy to be the biggest casino winner. But the machine was only supposed to pay out a maximum of $6,500. So, it was a malfunction and it’s not the largest slot machine jackpot. Hence, gamblers should try their luck at the best online casinos to see if they become a millionaire or a big winner on slot machine by playing from the comfort of their home.